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VINCC - Vienna International Nuclear Competence Centre

The objective of VINCC is the global improvement of competence in the use of nuclear technologies for the benefit of innovative, peaceful, safe, secure, sustainable applications.

Risk Engineering Ltd.

Risk Engineering Ltd. has organized its activity in three business divisions which cover the main types of energy, namely: nuclear, conventional and renewable. The division is conditional because the project based structure is leading in the company’s performance and complex projects are executed by multi-disciplinary teams of specialists.

Risk Engineering Ltd. is a modern company with extensive experience in the power-engineering sector. Our business is related to the risk assessment and management of the operational reliability of power engineering facilities, as well as large-scale industrial enterprises. With the increasing number and complexity of projects, the Company has acquired significant knowledge, thereupon extending its activities to a wide range of engineering and consultancy services, building up its reputation of a leader on the international market.

Our experts seek to combine flexibility and innovation, while meeting customer demands, providing primary quality and full compliance with the international standards and requirements. The Company collaborates with leading international companies and scientific research institutes to promote development and technology transfer. Risk Engineering LTD has also established itself as a loyal and long-term partner of private and state-owned governmental organizations in the implementation of large-scale, independent technical audits and projects.

Established in 1990
Ownership: 100% private
Office network:

  • Sofia, Bulgaria (headquarters)
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hanoi, Vietnam


  • World Nuclear Association
  • Bulgarian Atomic Forum
  • Bulgarian Association of Consulting Engineers and Architects
  • Bulgarian Hydropower Association
  • Bulgarian Atomic Forum
  • Bulgarian Nuclear Society
  • Bulgarian Committee on Large Dams
  • The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
Human Capital

200 employees with expertise in:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Nuclear reactor technology
  • Probabilistic safety assessment
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Procurement
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermo-hydraulics & Physics
  • Training
2,000 skilled workers with specialties in:
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

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The Solution

The solution has been developed after the requirements of IAEA, and is proven in real life on site inside Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant of Armenia.

Archimed MRO is capable to handle very big amount of data and related transactions:

  • Equipment: more than 25,000 items, practically unlimited
  • Locations: 300, practically unlimited
  • Rooms: 300, practically unlimited
  • Spare parts: more than 50,000 per year, practically unlimited
  • Process systems: 150, practically unlimited
  • Personnel: 1,000, practically unlimited
  • Departments: 50, practically unlimited
  • Work-orders: 200 per day (outage peak value), more than a 1,000 peak value
  • Storage of historic data: more than 20 years

At the same time, Archimed MRO allows precise tracking of costs and helps making a correct management decisions. Developed after the nuclear energy standards, Archimed MRO provides advanced tools and capabilities for agile custom development, stable and reliable operation, easy access to content and flexible integration for open data exchange.


Configuration Management Program Development and Implementation Operational Improvement
Construction & Construction Supervision Operational Risk Evaluation and Management
Design, Procurement and Installation Pre-design Studies and Environment Impact Assessment
Development of Monitoring and Control Systems for Complex Technological Processes Procurement
Development of Power Investment Projects Project Management
Development of regulatory documents & Training Repair & Maintenance
Information System Development Rest Lifetime Assessment
Integrated Design Safety Analyses
Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management Simulator Development
Modeling and Design of Complex Structures Software Development for Monitoring and Control Systems
Modeling and Simulation of Complex Process Systems Structural Analysis of Complex Structures under Extreme Loads
New Build. Owner’s Engineer Turnkey Projects
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