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VINCC - Vienna International Nuclear Competence Centre

The objective of VINCC is the global improvement of competence in the use of nuclear technologies for the benefit of innovative, peaceful, safe, secure, sustainable applications.

VINCC – Knowledge Cluster in Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety

In the last years, the members of VINCC, the KM-A (knowledge management academy) and NKMI have developed an easy to understand and easy to use approach to integral knowledge management. The approach is focused on knowledge intensive organizations, networks and companies as parts of a larger knowledge system.

Clustering different companies and different competencies in VINCC for us means adopting services to the specific needs, issues and working-cultures of these companies. Therefore, we are using a set of guiding principles with different visualizations. One focused on the nuclear industry and nuclear regulation; and one managing nuclear acceptance as a key social resource approach, which we mainly use in the international and security sectors.

VINCC objective will be to work with you to improve your knowledge management and create custom solutions. In our work we integrate three key essentials – connecting People, supporting Processes and developing Platforms – for knowledge intensive nuclear organizations to become more efficient, innovative and competitive on the national and international markets.

Our approach is personal as well as professional, and our passion lies in finding efficient ways to optimize your knowledge intensive organization. Through supporting these organizational change processes we want to make their work easier and more profitable.

To us, knowledge management is the processes of analyzing knowledge and information need and gaps, developing the right strategy and setting the goals. The next step is finding the right and balanced solutions that fit your company.

Solutions that fit your company needs not the other way around.

We build long-term partnerships with most of our clients. These are based on mutual trust, complementarity and equality.

Knowledge management - strategy development

VINCC will advise and support organizations in developing knowledge management, organizational and learning strategies. We have found that people often look for knowledge management and ICT solutions without considering their overall vision, mission and goals.

The development of a sound strategy ensures a strong linkage between an organization's goals and the implementation of projects and solutions. We encourage a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, which connects strategies to the day-to-day reality of the work floor and overarching goals.

Knowledge retention

One of the big challenges for many organizations today is overcoming the problem of an ageing workforce, and especially the potential loss of knowledge. Co-Capacity conducted a thorough study of this issue, and developed a method for companies on how to deal with this potential knowledge loss. We are now supporting a number of companies on this subject by creating tailored action lists and accompanying knowledge sharing methods and procedures.

Information Management

We develop systems and technologies to enable optimal knowledge and information sharing. We support implementation projects and give advice on information management.

Monitoring and evaluation of knowledge management

Monitoring and evaluation of knowledge management helps our members to better understand the effects of KM and enables them to effectively manage their KM projects. Through monitoring, companies collect the right information needed to see whether the project is on track. Through evaluation, they can assess the overall results and learn for future projects. Although this seems straightforward, monitoring and evaluation of KM is not common practice. We help our members to formulate the right indicators and find the appropriate methods to monitor and evaluate simple and complex KM initiatives.

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